Become a Super Host offering your guests VIP checkin and checkout at zero cost to you
Give your guests 10% off their booking when you sign up with us.
See how it works

How it benefits your guests.

They can arrive early and store their bags
Easily bookable from our web app and unlike other baggage storage, GP is on hand at London’s main Railway stations to pick up luggage directly from your guests on arrival, store for the day and deliver back to them on checkin, allowing guests to enjoy their first day, baggage free in our fine City.
Room Service gives them the VIP factor
On booking, GP guests benefit from easy, add-on, Guest Packages, including essential groceries or gift packs, to personalise their home stay and make your hosting extra special.
We'll deliver to your place on guest arrival
After a day of site seeing or business , luggage free, guests can then checkin and get delivery of both their luggage and room service packs, within one hr by just one click on their app.

How it benefits you.

It shows your guests that you care
Most busy hosts, struggle with the early checkin, but giving your guests the benefit of GP’s luggage solution lets your guests know they are dealing with a professional host who cares about their stay.
It helps build your profile
Happy guests, means better reviews resulting in your listing achieving or retaining “ Superhost" status , which means more bookings.
Happy Guests = Better Reviews = More Host Revenue
Being able to offer an early morning checkin luggage solution together with VIP starter packs means more bookings and higher revenue .

It's this simple.

Register your details with us.
Take a moment to let us know your email, name and location of your Airbnb - We do not use this data for any other reason than to to set you up as a partner host, with a unique discount code to send to your guests and assist us in pre filling your guests booking form.
Receive a link to give to your guests.
We will send you a unique link to send to your guests which will recognise your hosting address and where they can enter your discount code.
Your guests book in their bags and get a discount on you!
With one simple click, your guests go straight to our web app, can book their luggage and special add on’s and get rewarded with a discount on you.
Our friendly Guest Porters make your guests luggage-free on arrival, leaving them to enjoy their first day.
When guests arrive into London’s main Railway stations, we will take care of their luggage and get to your place at a click of our app within one hr together with any pre booked goodies to a get their stay off to a great start.
Register your details with us to offer your guests luggage-free early arrival